donderdag 14 april 2011


Hey there! It's me the fresh new photographer in town girl! Yeah that's right, I just had my thirth try out with my Canon AE1 and they came out pretty good! I'll show you one picture of my boy and another one ofcourse you can find the rest at the photopage. Mhm I wasn't this proud of myself since eh.. months. Hihi



These fabrics are only one euro per meter! If I had the skills to make my own clothing, I would sure go there like every week and buy some. This market is in Amsterdam west but I am not sure. I went there to my mother's work. She does the absence at a school haha. And at her break we went to that market. I had the most tasty bread with nice food in it! My mother bought light mediteranean curtains for me for in my house. That was very sweet of her! Thanks ma.

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