zaterdag 16 april 2011

To the dunes!

I went to the dunes with one of my closes buddy's. He is a very sweet guy and is a dune fanatic if I say so myself. He is also a very funny person too always makes me laugh. But ofcourse he is sometimes a rude buzztard too haha! Sorry, inside joke. But however it was nice weather and I brought along some nice food too.


Ofcourse I felt like scouting all the way again. And so I suggested to not go around the fields but go straight ahead. So with my Canon hanging on my neck and al those bushes it was quite a task. At a sudden point we were at the top of a big greeny hill and I thought, well it's time for a picturrre!


After that we took a break and I made this wonderfull picture of him! I am especially pretty proud of this one!


And also at this one!

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