woensdag 22 juni 2011

Olivier and Spock, our kittens!

I have a cute film of Olivier playing with Keesie, a kitten of two friends of us.

zondag 19 juni 2011

Life's nice.

I'll tell you my sweetheart. My boyfriend is wearing no pants but his guitar in the early morning covers up my hangover. Slightly feeling so greatfull for everything. My little pizza smells very nice and the sound of his dancing hands and the smell of sweet italian warm summer makes me more and more greatfull. I really finally do what I just love to do.

Green mustache

Watch out, ducks on the street!

Ilona at the Hortus


Pretty swan

Love this picture

What the F*ck happend to my girliefriend?


Nice day, going to Waterlooplein and Hortus!

woensdag 15 juni 2011

The livingroom of the artist.

NDSM - And a train inside a building again?

I went to the NDSM-werf in Amsterdam, recently I go to Amsterdam a lot, because I always finds so much thrifts at Waterlooplein. But one day, when I was for school in Amsterdam, I was ready at like 12.30 so I wanted to stay but I hadn't any money and only my camera with me...

So I thought, lets make some pictures of NDSM Werf and its wonderfull places!

First you have to take the ehh ferry? to that place.

NDSM - Pound

And then, while you walk trough the parking lot you'll see this graffiti on a big building.

NDSM - Graffiti

And then somewhere on your left you can visit another building where the artists are hiding.

NDSM - The artist

NDSM - Artists womb

NDSM - Mart

NDSM - The artist

NDSM - Commercial break

It are all buildings inside buildings.

NDSM - There is a building inside a building

NDSM - Old new art

NDSM - Into your dreams

Also outside the buildings there is art too. These guys were busy making some art too and smoking out of a pipe with apple tabaco.
I don't do that stuff though it is not that harming. I spoke to them and they were such nice peeps. They came from Sweden and this boy beneath this needed almost a month to understand there is sunlight at day time and no sunlight in the night! He was very funny.

NDSM - Swedish face

NDSM - Swedish art

NDSM - Original dump

Talking about Sweden, there is also a café named Noorderlicht (Northern Light) at the NDSM Werf. If you want to have dinner there make sure you call a day before you want to go. Maybe a week before you want to go if you want to go at a saturday!

NDSM - draka

NDSM - Swedish rights (HAHA)

NDSM - Noordelicht

See you next time! x

maandag 13 juni 2011

Our Sofa

My Brother Stefan and his girlfriend Marije gave us this pretty couch for my 18th birthday! Here is a close up x


My practical was fun! Suddenly I am not a bad practical-er but one of the best! I don't like confused people, another twist and it will make me!