woensdag 23 februari 2011


Yes! I'm a fresh 18 year old kid now!
Tomorrow I am going to get a free joint though I don't smoke and I could also get a free cocktail at our rock café. I'm not going to smoke that joint and I am not going to drink that cocktail haha, but it's cool.

Big party with nice bands in the evening but onfortuantly a big show at the dentist for me... very nice.

hahahahaihihiha I AM 18!


(I posted this when it was like a few minutes after twelf so I ment the 24th)

donderdag 3 februari 2011

Sick vintage lamps!

I'm currently so dazzled about those oldie art lamps.
Lamps come in different sizes, colours and shapes. I always loved to have different materials at one subject. Like clothes or jewelry so why not on house things!

Lamps create such beautifull atmosphere, with there orange lights, it makes me cuddle up to my boy at the couch. We really need a new couch by the way. Ugh.




dinsdag 1 februari 2011

With my Canon AE1

Yes finally my first well made pictures of my Camera, first it was guessing if he worked and now he did! Then it was guessing if the pictures were ok.
From the 24 pictures, were 6 kind off succesfull. But for somebody who never laid her hands on such a camera i think it's very good! I think, over a year i'll be an expert at taking pictures!

At my picture page, you will find the pics and also a few of the Sally D shoot I promised.

See you around! xxx

I really love nudity