dinsdag 14 december 2010

Dress Up

''I think I'm going to play dress up tonight'' hihi
should I grap my boy along? Or I wish that a rich man gave me money and that the second hand shop culture are swinging at night. So I can shop every day when I'm done with school <3 Oh wait I can, If I had the money... DAMN! So I guess it's going to be play dress up with Sitolove. Did you knew when I'm bored I start to draw, where I can. And I realized when we were taking a shower and I had this crazy lovechills crawling over my whole body - I was drawing a heart amonged with the word ''sitolove'' repeated on the shower window - I do this every time! So I just kinda made my own label for my boy >.<
It looks very nice and funny because you can see words in it or a spider web <3 Well I will make a picture as soon as possible!

woensdag 8 december 2010

Don't fuck with the brains!

Artist: Het Brein Dat Kwam Uit De Ruimte
Song: De Zesde Dimensie
Album: Op Zoek Naar De Zesde Dimensie
Link: www.uitderuimte.nl

with a wink, haha

Artist: Tududuh
Song: Yeah Yeah Yeah
Link: http://tududuh.blogspot.com/
Aint that nice? xxx

dinsdag 7 december 2010

Featherlight vintage update

I have loads of vintage pieces to add to the collection but I just need to make the time to score a camera somewhere...

Look this is the first real love picture I made of my boyfriend and it's soo cute!


And these little girls are my nieces:

ps. If you didn't noticed it, the boys of my themesite are my boyfriend and a friend of his. The music of love ; Sally D, is the music created by them.

#1 music

Artist: C-mon and Kypski
Album: We are square
Link: http://www.c-monandkypski.nl/#/bio

maandag 6 december 2010

Give away contest Hannah

I usually don't play along with contests because I don't know how it works but with my creativity I came up with the solution to make a blog for her!

Maybe I can win a beautiful hat! I ''just'' need to choose a favo clothing piece I like picked out from Bohemian Bisoux. And it was sooo hard to choose my friends! But this has been the chosen one:


I'd like to wear this piece at home, our new, warm and cozy home. Make my boy crazy, just wear it completly nude, only that piece.
Well oké, I'll wear it with that pretty necklace, that was a present of my little wonderboy...

Also, I need to make a pretty tale about a Holiday experience, so I will make a nice story about that this week.

Have a nice week everybody!


Soon we will have internet in our new home, that means you can expect lots of more posts about vintage and more. It's frustrating that I can't do a giant shopping day this month. But as a redress me and my boyfriend are going out for the day in January with some friends! I really can't wait.
We will ride to the other side of Holland and try to get our hands at some beautiful pieces.

Here some pictures of shoots I made: