dinsdag 19 april 2011

Famous Whiskers

Everybody everybody, I bet you can tell me 5 famous cats which pop out of your sweet brains, I could do that too, but how much are there really? I tried to make a very cute list about it!


1. Cat face not liking LOLCAT.. Click here for show Cat face is a foreign cat which acts like a human. He is very mellow and he floats.

2. De rode kater ''The Red Cat'' is a character of the Dutch comic Jan Jans en de kinderen. It was originally made for a magazine so called Libelle. That is a magazine mostly for housewives, but eh I read them too some times.

3. Cheshire Cat is the spooky cat of Alice in Wonderland.

4. Episode one off Click here for show The Smurfs! Gargamels cat is called Azrael.

5. Also we have the wonderfull Felix the cat! This link will bring you to episode one Click here for show The Magic Bag. Honestly.

6. The Aristocats (are very cute) let's name them all! The little brown one is called Toulouse, my brother called his little catcuddlybear after him. How sweet! The other boy, the grey one is called berlioz. The pretty white girlycat is called Marie. Their mother is called Dutchess. And her lover is called Thomas.

7. Hello Kitty is a twin. I know Sanrio created or adopted this cute cartoon. If you want to know EVERYTHING about Kitty you can check this site, it even tells you what her favourite colour is and noo it is not pink! Click here for the Characters she also had a very sweet show on tv. It is called Hello Kitty's Paradise. Here is episode one. Click her for the show

8. Garfield is a funny and lazy cat. Did you know Garfield also had his own show on tv?! Click here for show it is very funny.
Oh and I also remembered me going to the flea market near. I was strawling to some comic books and I ended up finding A LOT of Garfield ones! My mother said to me I could pick out 2, but I couldn't choose, there were like 15 ones! When my mother came back from where she was, I still couldn't choose, so the salesman said to my mother;
You can get 'm all for free, here. !!! I was sooo lucky! Daim! hihi

I put it twice so you don't need to scroll that much.

9. Cat of cat dog is a smart cat. So ofcourse the dog is the dumb one, well whatever. I do not really like this show because when I was sick I was forced to watch this because it was on Cartoon Network and the rest was always fun. Well, I could use the remote, but I don't know I always just watched this though I don't like it. But mostly, it always made me more sick because it is such a hypo show.

10. Oliver and Co is a Disney film about a cute cat who is forced to live on the streets. But against his expectations he meets a lot of friends! Just watch it and you know what I am talking about.

11. Tom Poes is a comic character and is made up By Maarten Toonder. It is a Dutch character and super famous here. This is an English adaption and a veryyy old one. Click here for show

12. Tom and Jerry, I will never forget it! Click here for show Episode one, ofcourse.

13. And then, we end up at the last counted number 13, hopefully I won't be jinxed now but who ''gives a rats arse''. Reminds me by the way, for me Bobo and Pipping are the cutes off all ;) But lets get back to the cats of Sailermoon. I remember me seeing an episode when I was little and a week later I found a Sailer Moon sheet for my bed in a shop! And my mom wasn't even doubting and bought it for me! Yay.
Well so eh I was searching at youtube and discovered it is kinda crappy. It was really for youngsters. I can't find english movies only dutch ones. But maybe I am mistaking but though the disappointment it is kinda funny.
Click here for show ''Enjoy''.
Ps isn't that girls voice not also the voice of Misty??!! You know of Pokémon? (For the Dutchers among us.)


Hope you have enjoyed the ride and I will see you soon, with a pretty usefull post about shops in Haarlem, where I love to come. With also some own made pictures =) I was planning to do this weeks ago but you know I am broke and I couldn't get my photos boehoe.

Have a smashing day! x

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