dinsdag 14 december 2010

Dress Up

''I think I'm going to play dress up tonight'' hihi
should I grap my boy along? Or I wish that a rich man gave me money and that the second hand shop culture are swinging at night. So I can shop every day when I'm done with school <3 Oh wait I can, If I had the money... DAMN! So I guess it's going to be play dress up with Sitolove. Did you knew when I'm bored I start to draw, where I can. And I realized when we were taking a shower and I had this crazy lovechills crawling over my whole body - I was drawing a heart amonged with the word ''sitolove'' repeated on the shower window - I do this every time! So I just kinda made my own label for my boy >.<
It looks very nice and funny because you can see words in it or a spider web <3 Well I will make a picture as soon as possible!

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