dinsdag 11 januari 2011


Finally I've got my camera! It's a Canon AE1! It's just so nice! :D I promised you guys that I will make pictures soon but now it is finally happening and I am so excited.

Internet at the new home is coming slowly too unfortuantly because we had troubles with te wires. But now a smart man of computers will come and help us!
So then I can post more often things and ofcourse pictures!


We had terrible leekings in the house for example in the bathroom! And no I'm not talking about the shower hihi. But another smart man of bathrooms and stuff came along and fixed that. Well I think, I was in rush for school today so my boy stayed at home (He's sick) with the plummer! I hope he is doing well and I hope that the plummer went away long ago ;P

Leotard man
you are asking why this picture. I'm asking who do you think it is, my friend, my dad, the plummer or my grandma!?

My dad brought important mail to my grandma so I could pick it up there. There was an important mail between the junk, there was a code I needed to use to activate an account so I could ask an institution for schoolmoney. Well ehmm something like that. Everybody in Holland gets that when they get 18 years old. You only have to make a notice.
So in April I'll start to recieve some more money. My birthday is the 24th of Februar but I was to late with making a notice and that's nothing new for me hihi.

So as you can see I had a lot of progress and MAN I LOVE PROGRESS!


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