maandag 6 december 2010

Give away contest Hannah

I usually don't play along with contests because I don't know how it works but with my creativity I came up with the solution to make a blog for her!

Maybe I can win a beautiful hat! I ''just'' need to choose a favo clothing piece I like picked out from Bohemian Bisoux. And it was sooo hard to choose my friends! But this has been the chosen one:


I'd like to wear this piece at home, our new, warm and cozy home. Make my boy crazy, just wear it completly nude, only that piece.
Well oké, I'll wear it with that pretty necklace, that was a present of my little wonderboy...

Also, I need to make a pretty tale about a Holiday experience, so I will make a nice story about that this week.

Have a nice week everybody!

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