zondag 21 augustus 2011

Finally, a wedding.

On the 12th of August my uncle and (now) his wife had there wedding.
The did with a few of there beloved ones and it was nice to see.
I haven't experienced a wedding in more then 5 years. 5 years ago 1 was 13 years but it could have easely been 10 years ago that I haven't experienced a wedding!

Of course I made some pictures too but there were also other photographers so there are some pics of me too, hihi!

Me and my boy in love
Kisses and kisses and kisses

The married couple getting presents!
thát was mine!

Vintage dress bought of cmolly's etsyshop
My sweetheart and me

Now my pics with my analogue camera Canon AE1

Noor playing on the trottoir

My grandma and cousin

She tired of me, me trying to get nice pics hihi

close family

More photo's coming up! Have a smashing day! Xx

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