woensdag 15 juni 2011

The livingroom of the artist.

NDSM - And a train inside a building again?

I went to the NDSM-werf in Amsterdam, recently I go to Amsterdam a lot, because I always finds so much thrifts at Waterlooplein. But one day, when I was for school in Amsterdam, I was ready at like 12.30 so I wanted to stay but I hadn't any money and only my camera with me...

So I thought, lets make some pictures of NDSM Werf and its wonderfull places!

First you have to take the ehh ferry? to that place.

NDSM - Pound

And then, while you walk trough the parking lot you'll see this graffiti on a big building.

NDSM - Graffiti

And then somewhere on your left you can visit another building where the artists are hiding.

NDSM - The artist

NDSM - Artists womb

NDSM - Mart

NDSM - The artist

NDSM - Commercial break

It are all buildings inside buildings.

NDSM - There is a building inside a building

NDSM - Old new art

NDSM - Into your dreams

Also outside the buildings there is art too. These guys were busy making some art too and smoking out of a pipe with apple tabaco.
I don't do that stuff though it is not that harming. I spoke to them and they were such nice peeps. They came from Sweden and this boy beneath this needed almost a month to understand there is sunlight at day time and no sunlight in the night! He was very funny.

NDSM - Swedish face

NDSM - Swedish art

NDSM - Original dump

Talking about Sweden, there is also a café named Noorderlicht (Northern Light) at the NDSM Werf. If you want to have dinner there make sure you call a day before you want to go. Maybe a week before you want to go if you want to go at a saturday!

NDSM - draka

NDSM - Swedish rights (HAHA)

NDSM - Noordelicht

See you next time! x

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