dinsdag 3 mei 2011

Shopping in Haarlem

Maybe some of you already know, but after school I often go to Haarlem and start nosing around. But ofcourse since I had my camera, you guys can also see how it looks like!

I start my round at the Zeilstraat. At Rames. Rames sells lots of jewelry but also pretty handbags! It is a little characterfull shop. She used too sell clothing too but she wanted to give her jewelry more love. ''Dat werpt zijn vruchten af.'' But everytime I come there and she knows I'm loving something, she always starts talking about which year it is made and of what materials it is made off. I appreciate that because she is one of the couple of people which made me a bright girl for knowing Vintage.



She also has one space with lots of rare things.



Thrift store
After walking out of Rames I go to the Schalm, the thrift store of Haarlem. There is also a thrift store in Haarlem West but I don't go there. Just because it is not on my route. I don't often find something nice there, but it ís worth to search. Sometimes when I don't have much time I love to search mega fast trough all the clothing. When I do that I always think to myself, it maybe look weird, but who cares, there are lots of other weird people walking around here too. It is true. But I don't mean anything mean about that.

This is how it looked like in the beginning.
Not self made

At Second Hand Shop, Haarlem

Then I go to Stijloods, it is a bit of a new shop in town. The also sell retro stuff, but is not that cheap. So bring some cash with you! It is not expensive though.



Jutka and Riska
When I not go to Stijloods, I can also, do another route to the trainstation. Same story about the prices as Stijloods.

jutka riska2

jutka riska1
I have not made these two pictures

There is also:
ID at the Schagchelstraat 7, 2011HW Haarlem.
Bradley's at the Klein Heiligland 99zw, 2011EE Haarlem
Shazz at the Keizerstraat 7, 2011VS Haarlem
Via Mi at the Wagenweg 8c, 2012 ND Haarlem

Do you know another very cool vintage place in Haarlem?

Well, have a smashing day!

xx Bella

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  1. Ahhh... shopping! How much I've miss that.

    I personally, love going to thrift shops and bazaar markets for one of a kind pieces :)

    Erisha @ dazed daisies