woensdag 25 augustus 2010

Global Information!


Who doesn't love cute clothing lines and soft creations?
Here you can find beautifull pieces.

Also, if you need house decoration. You're at the right place!

Original Business
The clothing line is handpicked from all over Holland. Some needed a bit of updates some didn't.
The soft pillows and more are homemade by my mom!

This business is originally owned by Isabella Schoorl. If you want to work with me, have some old clothings you may think I can re-create or have other questions please mail me @

How and Where
The sewingplace, also the meetingpoint for trading is @ Grote Houtweg, Beverwijk. That means when you bought something you could, (if you don't live far from Beverwijk) pick it up. That is way more cheaper.
Sending your package is non-franco.

If you picked it up, you can give me the money cash or else you have to transfer money through internet.
If you live far, transfer money, and I'll send you your package.
! If you know me, ofcourse I could give it to you when I see you around. Then task me.


Featherlight Vintage

ps. Always mail me if you want to buy something pretty!

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